What Are My Favorite Go-To Pens?

 I have quite the hefty pen collection since I started lettering a few years ago, but I often find myself grabbing the same pens over and over. In this video, I discuss some of my go-to favorite pens and why I like them. If you have a favorite pen, please tell me in the comments of the video! I, ....ahem...., may need to add to my stash...Ha!

A few things I discuss is why I love my Crayola pens, as well as why I had such a hard time using Tombows when I first started lettering. I love me some water based markers and how fun it is to blend using watercolor paper. In fact, I created a Skillshare class just on Blending with different pens, and I go over some of my favorite techniques and hacks. If you would like to try Skillshare free for 2 months, I invite you to try by clicking here. There are so many wonderful teachers on Skillshare, and I use it practically every day!

In the video above, I also show you some of my favorite felt tips pens as well, such as the Papermate Flair and the Zig Writer. I wonder if you can guess what my very favorite brush pen is right now?? I have loved this pen for-evah and use it for so many things!! Hope you enjoy the video!

P.S. If any of my videos have helped you, please let me know! Tag me on instagram or leave me a comment over on YouTube. I seriously love seeing all of your amazing art!


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