• Chelle Perea

Watercolor Painting Loose Lemon Florals

Yesterday was National Lemonade Day, and I am sitting here pondering how I have never heard of this before! I mean, as The Lemonade Store, you would think I would know. To celebrate the day, I practiced some loose watercolor florals. I have been really loving painting lately and it is such a wonderful complement to lettering with pens. If you have had a chance to try some watercolor, head on over to my YouTube to watch the video below!

In this super loose style, I use the following supplies:

-Arches Watercolor Paper

-Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints

-Princeton Size 8 round brush:

-Meeden Size 14 round brush:

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below on the YouTube video. I answer all the comments! Also, this print is now available on my Etsy shop!

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