• Chelle Perea

Awkward Watercolor Lettering Practice

Man, I always feel awkward. Do I look ok? Am I too quiet? too talkative? Do I have paint on my shirt? and sometimes it helps for me to just laugh and decide, who cares! But, since it happens quite a lot despite my best efforts, I made a couple of shirts on Amazon...you know, in case anyone else feels socially awkward at times. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyhoo, I haven't had a chance to paint a lot over the last few months because the end of the school year has been soooo busy. I am looking forward to summer break.

For this watercolor piece above I am using watercolors, watercolor paper, and a number 4 round brush. The key for keeping these vibrant colors blending is to add a little bit of water. Simply start with full strength for the first stroke, then dip your brush once in water and immediately start the next stroke. Then you can switch colors gradually as well. The water dilutes the strength of the watercolor and allows for a little smoother blend. Here I chose a bright pink and a bright blue.

Lastly I used one of my favorite black pens for the shadow, and just kept it simple. Here's to being awkward and embracing it!

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