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20,000 Thank You's From YouTube

Almost 3 years ago, I started The Lemonade Store, and I struggled learning different kinds of art, lettering, making videos, etc. I scoured the internets for whatever I could find to help me improve, and sometimes the struggle was real! I felt like it should not be this hard to learn some basics. I moved forward on my quest for knowledge by purchasing many different types of supplies, and I just began figuring out what worked for me. This is what I share on my channel...hoping it may inspire and work for you too.

That is basically how my YouTube channel got started. I believe in commerce and making a living doing art, but I wanted to share basics that I thought everyone should have the right to know. Do I ask for support on Patreon? Yes, I do. Do I contemplate sponsorships from companies? Yes, I do. I want to succeed in life, and I also want to share. The more support I receive, the more I can share. I am literally a one-women operation: not only am I a full-time mom, but I spend every waking minute on my art and sharing with all of you. If I like something, I share it. If I don't like it, guess what? I don't! My growth has been awesome this last year, and I want to just say thank you to all of you!

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you will know I love lettering subscriber names. It's my way to say thank you just for taking the time to support me and to comment and like my videos.

We hit 20K on my channel over Christmas, and I made this video purely as a celebratory thank you video. With rainbow of markers and a bunch of names from the jar, I letter your names while giving some tips on the process. Thank you all so so much for your continued support. It means the world to me! Wishing you an awesome 2019!!



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