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Metallic Chalk Markers Do Exist ✨

The folks at Chalkola were kind enough to send me some of their chalk markers to test out recently. Their markers have some fun colors, 16 in total, but the part that had me stop in my lettering tracks was the 6 that were metallic! Yes, you read that right: metallic. Now, maybe metallic chalk markers exist, but this was my first time....ever...using some. And, I have a lot of markers in my stash.

I recently made a sign for my kiddo's school play, and I was

totally wowed! I was able to even blend them a little bit to make a cool fill color. So, today I also did a post on Instagram showcasing only the metallic colors. Here are my thoughts.

First, I didn't have to "pump" the metallic markers to get the ink flowing. You still have to do that with the others, but not the metallic. The ink just magically flows out of the pen, and it is nice and smooth. Also, I am kind of in love with the silver, blue, pink and gold. All the colors are amazing and they all have a really subtle metallic goodness within.

The metallics also have a nice fine point. I was able to get

some good faux calligraphy and shadow details with little effort. Lastly, they wiped off super easy with just a little wet paper towel. If you ever have a hard time removing chalk markers, try using a magic eraser sponge . Totally works. And if you still see writing on the board, like a faded effect, re-season it with good ole regular chalk. Rub the chalk into the board. Usually works for me.

If you have tried these markers, I would love to know your thoughts!

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