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New Sharpie Brush Pens!

So I was wandering around Target this last Tuesday and came across more than a number of cute things, but the one thing that grabbed my attention the most were the new Sharpie Brush Pens!

I snatched them up, came home, and made a YouTube video to demo the pens and to tell all my friends about them! Yay! And a quick thank you to all of you supporting me over on YouTube. I really appreciate it, because at the end of the day, it's really hard putting yourself out there...So big virtual hugs from me to you!

If you already have these markers, I would love to hear how you like them. In the video, I swatch all the colors, give you my first impressions, and I put the pens to the test to see if they blend well and go over what paper I use.

And, lastly, because its Target, I had to snatch up this super affordable lap desk (there were literally only 2 left). Yes, it was in the kids section, and yes, I bought one for me 😍.... but I also bought the other for my kiddos. I hate when I see something, and then go back later and can never find it. Had to buy the last two...just in case. This lap pad is super cool and has a lined zip opening where you can fit all your supplies, and I loved that I can easily take it to soccer practices and have it there to doodle on! Win-Win!


New challenge is starting on April 1st over at my @craftcreaterepeat Instagram challenge. Should be super fun since it's all about Alice in Wonderland prompts. This is an open art challenge and you can letter, doodle, embroidery, etc! Just use the hashtag #craftcreaterepeat so I can find you.

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