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Adding Glitter Shadow to Crayola Lettering = Super Fun Times!

If you follow me on Instagram at all, you know I love using the basic Crayola Broad Lines for lettering. I have a bunch of YouTube videos on how to play with these pens too! One of my faves is as watercolors. But here is one I worked on today: Glitter Shadow and Accents!

A couple of key things for this project are having the right tools for the fine glitter details. You need to find a very good fine tip glue applicator, or you can use the pen that I am using here. This pen is like a ball point pen, with just a little extra flow from the tip for the glue. It does dry quickly though, so you need to work in sections, apply glitter, keep adding glue, etc. What's fun about this pen is that it also works with applying foil accents. I do a post on that soon.

I am also using some pretty good quality fine glitter. If you don't have fine glitter, experiment first on a test page to make sure it sticks properly. I have had my supply of this glitter for awhile, and it does an awesome job with coverage.

If you are interested in learning the VERY basics of hand lettering, pop over to my course on Skillshare. I literally walk you through the basics: pens, paper, pressure, faux calligraphy etc. I made this course for all my friends that love watching and want to start learning calligraphy. I am happy to share this offer of 2 months free to try Skillshare. I truly spend a lot of time over there learning so many amazing things from artists, bakers, sewers, etc. I also love that if you want to cancel when the 2 months is up, you can with no problems. You will love it though!

Happy Crafting!



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