• Chelle Perea

Practicing Some Watercolors Over Your Crayola Lettering

I recently moved, and I really haven't been able to practice with my watercolors as much I normally do. Needless to say, I am feeling rusty. I thought of this would be a fun way to practice, and I totally loved it! First, I used a gray shade of one of my Crayola's to do the lettering, and then I took three colors of Bree Reese Glitter to paint over the lines. Only three colors made all these shades! I used Medium Magenta, Lake Blue, and Cadmium Yellow. Yay! This technique really allowed me to practice how I hold my brush, how hard to press down, and to play around with blending the colors.

*other supplies used on this piece

watercolor paper

watercolor palette

watercolor paint brush

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