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Blending with Crayola Markers - Zany

In today's post, I am lettering the word "zany" for a lettering challenge, and I thought I would go over some awesome info for y'all. First, do you want to learn some fun and easy blending techniques? I have a couple of courses on Skillshare that are perfect for the newbie letterer.

The first course is all about basics! Yay! Like super basics. My fave markers, how to hold your pen, how I use Crayolas, etc. My second course is all about blending techniques. Fun, easy, playing with your pens, water, and even some gelly roll fun. As a teacher on Skillshare, I can offer you 2 months free trial on a premium membership. Click Here for link. No obligations! You don't like it, you cancel the subscription...but, honestly, I love Skillshare. So much information and wonderful teachers!

Ok, back to this post. Here I did the main lettering using Crayola Broad Line markers. I used the lighter color first, then with a darker color added some pigment to the paper. Next, I took my watercolor brush, and a tiny amount of water, and started dragging the color where I wanted it.

Shadow was done with this Tombow Grey N95, and silvery details with a


Voila! Hope to see you on my courses at Skillshare!



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