• Chelle Perea

Blending Gelly Roll Pens

This latest journal entry really had me pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I want to really work on daily entries in my new Scribbles That Matter Journal / Notebook and really take the time to experiment. Like, I probably binged three green arrow episodes on Netflix as I made this.

The prompt for the @craftcreatrepeat challenge for today was Tangerine. So first I sketched out my lettering with a pencil. Lightly, because you don't want to make it too hard on yourself to erase after you ink. I then colored in my lettering with my Zig Memory Writer , which is really one of my favorite pens. Once the ink dries, it is waterproof, and the pen has a 0.5 mm tip and a 1.2 mm tip. Super versatile. Once I finished inking the letters, I sketched out the tangerines, and decided to use the Moonlight Gelly Roll Pens . When you add just the slightest bit of water to the ink on these pens, you get a really beautiful blending effect. So, for the water spots on the above picture, I laid down green, teal, and blue ink first, then gently used a small size 0 watercolor brush with a tiny bit of water to blend. The trick to keeping your journal page flat, is to use a large clip (like a binder clip or something similar) to hold the page down until the ink and water mixture is dry.

Hope you have fun trying this technique! Tag me if you show your work on Instagram, as I love seeing what you all create! Find me @the_lemonade_store !



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