• Chelle Perea

Cherry Zen Doodle

If you have been following me on Insta lately, you would know I am kind of obsessed with zentangle art recently. This art work is comprised of mini patterns inside of larger pieces. For example, I broke each cherry and the leaf into mini sections, and I added different patterns to make a cool effect. It is extremely soothing to just sit and make up patterns. Really, you can't go wrong. Give it try!

I am using my Scribbles That Matter journal, which I am falling in love with. It holds the ink really well, and I love that it comes in a bunch of colors. I purchased mine from Amazon, and I totally am thinking these will be my go-to affordable journals from now on.

For the pens, I am using a favorite for the black, which is the Zig Memory Writer. It has 2 tips, that really make it a versatile marker and I simply love the way it writes. For all of the colors, I am using my Maped Graph,Pep's Fine Tip markers. These are really becoming a fave of mine since I started using them. I love the colors, and they are super affordable. As a final touch, I use some colored pencils, again the Maped brand here, to add some shadowing to the doodles.

Have fun! Experiment, and if you need inspiration head over to Pinterest. They have loads.



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