• Chelle Perea

Botanical Line Drawings

My super talented friend Peggy of The Pigeon Letters has this amazing book Botanical Line Drawings: 200 step-by-step flowers, leaves, cacti, and other items found in Nature. Today I sketched a couple of the drawings from the book, and included their corresponding page numbers. Here was my process:

Using my favorite HB 2 Pencils (any pencil will do though), I sketched my botanical flower by following the steps outlined in the book. I am using watercolor paper here, since I knew I wanted to watercolor them in at the end.

I then used a fine tip, waterproof black marker like this one to ink in my sketch. Let this ink dry before starting to watercolor. I am using my Prima Watercolor Confections in Classic Colors to do the watercolor.

Seriously, so much fun, and super easy to follow the diagrams. What is super nice about this book, is that it is jammed packed with different botanicals to practice with. Once you start sketching, make the line drawing your own by adding petals or changing the concept slightly. I give the book 2 thumbs up!



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