• Chelle Perea

I love trying new pens!

Maped Helix US sent me some of their pens to test out, and they were definitely fun to experiment with. In this Instagram post, I used their water based Color'Peps Brush Markers to make a watercolor effect, and I outlined the lettering with their 0.4mm Fine Point Graph'Peps Pens. Both are nontoxic and washable! Here is how I did it.

First, I am using watercolor paper and I am lettering one letter at a time. I am using yellow and greens for the blending here. I letter in the lighter color, than add some darker, and then with a paintbrush and a teeny tiny bit of water I blend the two together. It's super easy and super fun!

If you try this method out on Instagram, tag me! I would love to see it! Video below:

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