• Chelle Perea

Blending with Crayolas - Using Marker Paper

I love playing with my Crayola Broad Line Markers. I mean, how much fun to use a marker in so many fun ways, and for relatively cheap. AND, its ok if they get damaged while experimenting because they didn't cost an arm and a leg! In this Instagram post, I am blending two markers and here are my steps:

1. I usually start out with the lighter color first, and then add the darker color. Here I am using beige (lighter color) and tawny (darker color). The blending occurs once you use the lighter color to blend in down. You are literally coloring where the two touch and spreading it downward. The key here is the paper. I usually will use a mixed media paper or a watercolor paper. Here I am using marker paper, which works, but probably a little more difficult to get it to work. Try the others first!

2. I next added a shadow to the downstrokes using a black felt tip pen. Any pen would work, but I am using Artist Loft Brush Pens from Michael's.

3. Lastly, I added a little detail with some white dots inside the shadow to jazz it up a bit. My fave white gel pen is the Uni-Ball Signo in White.

Hope this helps you on your blending journey!

Check out the full video below that was shared on my Instagram channel:

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