• Chelle Perea

Margarita Chalk Lettering

Using a cheapy chalkboard sign I picked up from Walmart, I usually sketch out my design first. I didn't use to do this, but I think it really helps to give me a road map to what I am creating. Now, saying this, I often go off the road map, but the initial idea has been planned...I'm a rebel. Ha!

I am using the Kassa Liquid Chalk Markers, and I really like how the pigment comes out of these. They also cover my sketch well, rinse well or even wipe off well with a baby wipe. When I sketch first on chalk boards, I just use a plain old white piece of chalk and I sharpen the chalk into a point like a pencil. Some markers, can lay over this real chalk layer well. These do.

Now I am heading off to the pool!

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