• Chelle Perea

Gold Popsicle with Watercolor Details

Hello Summer! If you haven't checked out the new @socalletters challenge hosted by me and my friends, head over to instagram and join in the summer fun! It is a great way to meet new friends and learn lettering all at the same time!

Day 2 prompt is popsicle and here is how I made this piece:

Using a Sharpie Oil-Based Gold Pen (one of my favorites, btw)

draw your doodle. When the ink is dry, you can apply water and it doesn't smear. Here I am using the Canson Watercolor XL paper, which is often super affordable. I cut the pages down in to smaller sizes too.

Now its time for the watercolor. I start by applying water to where I want the watercolor to be, and then using Prima Marketing Watercolor (Confections Classic) palette, I add some orange, and then I add some pink!

Here's to an awesome summer!

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