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Brush Lettering with Glue & Glitter✨

I have been experimenting with glitter this week, which you know already if you are following me on Instagram...I mean, seriously, this has been so much fun, and I am kind of addicted.

Here is what I was messing with today. I started with a trimmed piece of my Canson Watercolor paper, and I am using a well loved and used Pentel Aquash Water Brush. I just wanted to make sure the glue didn't ruin any of my good brushes.

Here I am using some basic Elmer's School Glue. Add a couple of drops of glue and some drops of water to a dish. Your goal here is to make a thinner consistency to make it easier to paint with. Add a drop of some color if you have it, such as a liquid watercolor or a drop of food coloring. This way you can see what you are painting with...I tried painting without this step at first, and it is just really hard to see white on white.

Start painting, a little at a time, and then add some glitter. A couple of tips: Have a dry brush available so you can wipe any excess glitter off of the page; use a folded piece of paper to dump the glitter into. If you need to preserve it after it is dry, you can try spraying some acrylic mod podge sealing spray. Test this on a side piece first though since it comes in different finishes. Have fun spreading glitter! Full video below!

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